What is Crowdfunding?

The name Crowdfunding is misleading. There is no “crowd” out there just waiting to “fund” your project. Generally, crowdfunding or crowdsourcing refers to the collective, cooperative networking and pooling of financial resources via the Internet to support a cause, startup business, or social enterprise. Basically, leveraging small contributions from many parties. Crowdfunding is used to create viral online campaigns that raise awareness, fundraise, friendraise, build buzz, and generate support for a particular project.

What is InvestLocalBC?

InvestLocalBC is an initiative of Community Futures Stuart Nechako for local nonprofits to create online forums to fund, support and evolve their initiatives and projects in our communities. InvestLocalBC accelerates creative ideas into reality by providing an online platform to seek financial investment and collaboration. Please read our FAQ. for tons more information.

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