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2 months ago
Share the Load – Vanderhoof | Invest Local BC

We are indeed in trying times and our local Not For Profit groups Need your help.

2 months ago
Share the Load – Vanderhoof | Invest Local BC

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We are indeed in trying times and our local Not For Profit groups Need your help.

2 months ago
Share the Load – Vanderhoof | Invest Local BC

To all our great community supporters let’s get this campaign moving. Remember 100% of what you donate will go the charity. Community Futures Stuart Nechako is donating all fees back to the campaign.
School District 91 Nechako Healthy Community Alliance Bulkley Nechako Opportunities Nechako Valley Food Network Vanderhoof Hospice Society St John Hospital Auxiliary Society

You may change the contribution amount if you are ONLY Contributing to one charity; or you can simply add them to your cart one at a time.

2 months ago
Share the Load – Vanderhoof | Invest Local BC

You may change the contribution amount if you are ONLY Contributing to one charity; or you can simply add them to your cart one at a time.

3 months ago

UPDATE: So FB has not exactly been my friend today. This campaign is live and the link to donate to all of these great charities is in the comments

While we encourage all to support our local businesses we can not forget about the great work our Not For Profits do with limited resources and volunteers. This is a reachout to all those great organizations to see if we can set up a local campaign to assist in some fund raising activites. If you think we can help please let me know. I am hoping to launch the campaign over the Easter weekend.
Please share this post and like the page to make sure you get info. Stay safe and practice kindness.

3 months ago

Due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic we have reactivated Investlocalbc.ca for use by the public. In these time there are many non profits and businesses that could use some financial help.

Crowdfunding may not answer everyone's problem but it provides a place where people can connect to talk about problems and their solutions.

The solution to an individual problem may not only be cash..A businessperson may need other types of help, mentoring, etc..
At Investlocalbc you customize your ask to your needs.

Stay safe and Healthy


3 months ago

The COVID-19 virus outbreak means we need to get the crowdfunding option to the public of rural BC so the public can support innovations, non profits and other situations that may be necessary as we go through this pandemic together..Due to this emergency, we will have Investlocalbc.ca operating as the crowdfunding answer for BC's non profits and businesses by the end of the week. Graham

11 months ago

We are working on changes to the Investlocalbc site to create opportunities to bring ideas and investment together for rural communities. We have found in our research that cooperative ownership provide opportunity for working people to be involved in their local economy..We will be live soon....

1 year ago

Hello Everyone,

We are in the process of revising investlocalbc and its services. While the practise of community based crowdfunding has not been established in BC, we at investlocalbc have identified the needs of rural Enterprising people in venture capital and short term financing are not being serviced. The objective is that a person will not have to go to urban centres to secure financing and investment. We will be building a network of angel investors, lender, social funds, etc. to serve the needs of rural BC.

We'll see if we get back to exploring crowdfunding as a community development tool in the future.



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About Crowdfunding

The name "Crowdfunding" is somewhat misleading. There really is no "crowd" out there just waiting to "fund" your project. Generally, crowdfunding or crowdsourcing refers to the collective, cooperative networking and pooling of financial resources via the Internet to support a cause, startup business, or social enterprise. Basically, leveraging small contributions from many parties. Crowdfunding is used to create viral online campaigns that raise awareness, fundraise, friendraise, build buzz, and generate support for a particular project.

About InvestLocalBC.ca

InvestLocalBC.ca is an initiative of Community Futures Stuart Nechako for local nonprofits, the arts communities and business startups to create online forums to fund, support and evolve their initiatives and projects in our communities. InvestLocalBC.ca accelerates creative ideas into reality by providing an online platform to seek financial investment and collaboration.

Through local investment empower your community – with InvestLocalBC.ca.

The Value of InvestLocalBC.ca

Your campaign is free to create! Utilizing the network of Community Futures offices throughout British Columbia, InvestLocalBC.ca affords you the power to direct your campaign where you want it and who you want it directed to with only a small fee deducted from your successful campaign. Also our credit card processor will charge a transaction fee. And that is it. Other than your time and creativity.

More Value

InvestLocalBC.ca is about community empowerment for nonprofits, business and artisans. There is more than just money at issue when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns. These campaigns speak to the community and provide a considerable amount of information to supporters. InvestLocalBC is a directory or catalogue if you will, for individuals, businesses, governments and industries to discover nonprofit, cultural, and business startup projects in each area of the province and more importantly to gauge public support for these projects. If a company or government or even an altruistic person anywhere in the world would like to see the support a project has, they can get a very good idea by the amount of funds raised to date. And if they just want to support a project in a certain area of the province, InvestLocalBC.ca offers a quick and easy platform to do just that.

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