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Crowdfunding has many benefits for non-profits over and above Fundraising. These include but are not limited to:

  • Raising awareness about your group
  • Develop a committed following of partners
  • Get people (around the world!) talking about your Campaign
  • Create excitement that spurs people to volunteer for your group
  • Makes it possible for people to have a positive impact, regardless of the size of their gift
  • Gives you a way to show donors the impact of their gifts

However, let us begin by debunking a common misconception. There is no “crowd” out there just waiting to “fund” your project. “Crowdfunding” is an active process not a passive one. Careful planning and execution of your campaign can have a magical effect on results.

4 Basic Steps to Applying

Backer Rewards

Some organizations like to offer a way to further connect with their donors through incentives or gifts.  There are lots of small tangible things that campaign managers can offer to backers that support their project. Some include photos of the project, t-shirts, invitation to a funders-only event like a BBQ at the site, thank you phone calls or emails, key chains and other memorabilia, the list goes on. And remember, we’re here to help, so if you’re looking for ideas we have tons just ask!

With every InvestLocalBC project, campaign managers will be able to access a personal inbox. This will allow campaign managers to contact funders and verify contact information including shipping details. Funders will be given an option whether or not they choose to provide their personal contact information.

For more information about InvestLocalBC, campaigns, and donations, check out our FAQ on the About Crowdfunding page.

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