The CF-SN Video Project

Our video should be playing right here. Right now. But it is not. We do not have one yet. But we are going to build one.

Here is our story.

Community Futures are non-profit organizations guided by volunteer boards of directors and staffed with business professionals who together are actively engaged in helping to develop and implement community-based economic development strategies.

Community Futures Stuart Nechako is looking to develop a “Crowdfunding Training” video aimed directly at all Community Futures organizations. This will be an incredibly helpful tool as all Community Futures embrace the awesome power of Social Media and Crowdfunding to move all projects in each area forward.

Please join us in this exciting venture advancing the economic diversification of our respective areas.

Why Participate?

  1. Videos are proven to have more impact and better retention to best educate your team and community.
  2. The materials will be prepared by some of Canada’s foremost crowdfunding experts.
  3. There will also be a downloadable Success Guide (PDF) should the campaign be successful.
  4. These resources will assist your team to become local advocates for a powerful new funding method.
  5. Your contribution of only $121 will generate a powerful economic return for your community.

Help us and your CF office empower rural BC with the power of the crowd.

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