Thee LogoOur first online campaign for the Vanderhoof Aquatic Centre is about to come to an end. Our thanks to the Togyi families for our most recent donation of 150.00. This brings the total on line contributions to $5103.00. With other recent donations our “reverse” thermometer now reads $269,500.00. This is tremendous, as the efforts of the Vanderhoof Aquatic Centre fund raising committee have raised $230,500.00 just since last August.  Job well done.  Looks like the Vanderhoof Aquatic Centre is on its way to town.

There are many ways you can still get involved!

If you are away from Vanderhoof and would like to donate you can do so before the end of today (July 31, 2015) by making an online donation at: . If you are in town you can do it that way as well, or you can take your donation to the District of Vanderhoof at 160 Connaught Street, Vanderhoof, BC.  You can also attend one of the FUN fundraising events the Aquatic Centre has become known for. Stay tuned there is much more to come on that front.

Thank you one and all!


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  • admin November 14, 2014

    This site reflects donations in two ways:
    1-the straightforward donation that ups the “amount pledged” That is the 2833.00 that has been pledged, and now thanks to your pledge at 2933.00 and
    2-as a reverse thermometer. Some of the larger companies do not want to go through the crowdfunding website, so they give their donations directly to the District of Vanderhoof. In this case we Lower the ask. This campaign started at 500,000 and it now sits at:
    $479,766.40 which reflects the
    10,000.00 from Avison, as well as
    2400.00 – from the original 5.00 memberships and the
    7833.60 raised at our Comedy night/Pie Auction.

    We are expecting others of these types to come in shortly so watch the “ask” amount drop. This will be a back up to the town thermometer which will rise every time a donation is made.
    At the moment we are waiting for that to be completed, so at this time the “reverse thermometer” at is the best indication of what is really going on and we account for every penny into the campaign no matter how it is received.
    Again Thank-you for your pledge and keep your eye on that ask because it is going to go lower and lower and lower until we have the Aquatic Centre.

  • admin November 26, 2014

    Our Thanks to “anonymous” for a $400.00 donation to the BIG SPLASH. Our reverse thermometer on this site has now dropped to $479,366.00.

  • admin April 22, 2015

    A HUGE thank you to Bob and June Clark for their donation of $1000.00 to this site. A tremendous show of support for bringing an Aquatic Centre to our community. Welcome Home June and Bob.

  • marjorie weaver July 31, 2015

    I will pledge 500.00, but where do I take it to? Won,t be able to get to town untill next Wed, is that going to work?